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Happy Endings

01/06/2010 @ 06:13 posted by Admin

PAD exists to rescue lost, abandoned and abused cats and dogs, to care for them while they are in our shelters, offering a better life than they have had. However our real aim is to find new, loving homes for our animals, somewhere where they will be cared for, cherished and will become companions to someone for the rest of their lives.

For everyone at PAD finding these new homes, and seeing a dog or cat being carried away with obvious love and affection makes all the hard work, the fund raising, the flagship events, and everything else that keeps the shelters open worthwhile. Of course it can be a sad moment when we see a dog or cat who has been in our shelters for a while, and who we have got to know and love and have bonded with leave. But that sorrow is only transitory, and at the same time we are happy that we have done what we set out to do. To find a that perfect new home for one of our waifs and strays.

It is all too easy to see the leaving of the shelter as the end of PAD’s involvement, but that is often not the case. Many times the new owners are so delighted with their new companion that they email us periodically and send photos of their new companion so that we can see how they are getting on.