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PAD Sponsors

01/06/2010 @ 06:01 posted by Admin

P.A.D. is extremely grateful to organisations and individuals who sponsor or help our work in a variety of ways. Many of our sponsors wish to remain unknown we thank them en-bloc. There are also those who do much to help the work of P.A.D., without whose help it would be impossible to keep the shelters running smoothly again we thank them en-bloc.

There are several organisations who support us in a number of ways, and by showing them on here is a way to thank them for their generosity, please do support our sponsors. We also want to thank those bars, cafeterias restaurants… that have P.A.D. collecting tins, and who go out of their way to ask their customers to put their coppers into the P.A.D. collecting boxes, which makes a tremendous difference to the amounts that they collect.